BoneVet performing TPLO

Orthopaedic surgery

  • Tibial plateau levelling osteotomy (TPLO)
  • Tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA)
  • Patellar luxation: corrective procedures
  • Complex fracture repairs
  • Correction of angular limb deformities
  • Arthrodesis e.g. carpal/tarsal
  • Total hip replacement (THR)
BoneVet performing arthroscopy

Keyhole surgery

  • Arthroscopic management of elbow dysplasia, shoulder OCD and investigation of stifle pathology.
  • Arthroscopic surgery is less invasive, with reduced post-operative morbidity and faster recovery times.
  • Arthroscopes to suit pets of all sizes
BoneVet performing spinal surgery

Spinal surgery

  • Imaging; MRI interpretation & myelography
  • Surgical management of Hansen types 1 & 2 disc disease
  • Stabilisation of vertebral subluxations & fractures
  • Cervical spondylopathy e.g. wobbler syndrome
  • Degenerative lumbosacral disease
BoneVet Xray reporting

Radiographic Reporting

Verbal radiographic reporting is offered as a free service without obligation. Written reports are chargeable and available on request. 

Bonevet performing examination

Tailored Service

We can tailor our service to suit; from regular scheduled visits to urgent attendance of time-sensitive cases. Arrange an introductory meeting.