Comprehensive Surgical Service

We offer a comprehensive surgical service to your practice; our surgical team arrives with everything required to perform orthopaedic and neurosurgery, including medical-grade power tools, instruments, implants and disposables (drapes, gloves, gowns and suture materials). We also provide detailed procedure information sheets and aftercare plans for the pet owner.

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We work closely with your staff to provide excellence of care for the patient and complete peace of mind for the pet-owner. We operate as a team of two and can work autonomously should your staff be required elsewhere.

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Management of cranial cruciate ligament insufficiency, including:

Tibial plateau levelling osteotomy (Slocum TPLO)

Tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA)

Isometric bone tunnel UHMW polyethylene lateral suture

Complex fracture repair: internal fixation: several locking plate technologies, linear, circular & hybrid ESF

Patellar luxation: realignment procedures, trochleoplasty

Arthroscopic investigation & surgery (keyhole) for joint disease

Osteochondral Autograft Transfer System (OATS) for management of stifle OCD

Ilizarov ring fixators (Circular ESF); angular limb deformities, limb lengthening

Arthrodesis e.g. carpal, tarsal, shoulder, elbow

Total hip replacement (THR) for dogs (all sizes) and cats

TPLO lateralT resized
TPLO caudocranialT resized
BoneVet performing arthroscopy

Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic management of joint disease including elbow dysplasia (e.g. coronoid disease), shoulder OCD and investigation of stifle pathology

Arthroscopic surgery is less invasive, with reduced post-operative morbidity and faster recovery times

High magnification improves visualisation of pathology

Range of arthroscopes to suit pets of all sizes



Hemilaminectomy, pediculectomy, corpectomy, ventral slot, dorsal laminectomy and stabilisation procedures for the management of Hansen types 1 and 2 intervertebral disc disease

Vertebral fracture, luxation and subluxation

Cervical spondylopathy e.g. wobbler syndrome

Atlanto-axial instability

Degenerative lumbosacral disease

Imaging: in-clinic myelography, interpretation of MRI


Radiographic Reporting

We provide a flexible radiographic reporting service with the option of either detailed written reports or verbal reporting for a significantly reduced fee. We are always happy to review patient files and advise on management options.

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We provide a comprehensive range of surgical equipment, implants and disposables

Aesculap & Stryker cordless surgical drills x 4, sagittal saws, pin and wire collets

Aesculap cordless radial saw (radial osteotomies e.g. TPLO)

High-speed electronically regulated neuro-drills x 2: Stryker TPS system

Extensive range of Synthes & Aesculap orthopaedic instruments

Extensive range of implants – Synthes & various other locking plates, conventional plates, IMEX linear, circular & hybrid ESF systems

Electrosurgical unit & surgical aspirator

Arthroscopic equipment (Stryker & Storz): 4 x arthroscopes (small to giant breeds), three-CCD cameras, Xenon & LED light sources

Disposable drapes, suture materials, surgeon’s gown and gloves

High vacuum autoclave (hospital grade type B)

Procedure information sheets and aftercare sheets   View example client sheets

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