Pet Owners: General Information

Arranging an Examination or Surgery for Your Pet

BoneVet Orthopaedics can only examine and treat your pet by prior arrangement with your veterinary surgeon; you cannot make arrangements directly. If you would like us to treat your pet’s condition please discuss this with your Vet.

Prior to Surgery

If your pet has been scheduled for either a consultation or surgery it is desirable to complete an online consultation questionnaire; this is an interactive form designed to provide valuable insight into your pet's condition. The consultation questionnaire should be completed at least 2 days prior to surgery.

You should also read the appropriate procedure information sheet. Your Vet can advise which sheet to read. Once you have read and signed the information sheet please scan or photograph and email to BoneVet Orthopaedics at least 2 days prior to surgery.

Submitting Video

Short video clips of your pet walking can be an extremely useful aid in the initial assessment of both orthopaedic and neurological problems; they are also very helpful in assessing progress after surgery. If you are able to submit video please take several short clips of 10 to 20 seconds each:

  • 1) front view i.e. your pet walking directly towards you.
  • 2) rear view i.e. your pet walking directly away from you.
  • 3) side-on view (ideally from both sides).

It may also be useful to take video of your pet rising from a lying position, walking slowly, trotting and if appropriate, running (only if your pet is able to run safely – check with your vet if in doubt).

Post-Surgery Recheck and X-rays

At the time your pet is due for their four to six-week check-up (+/- Xrays) please complete a patient progress form. The information you provide in this form aids assessment of the progress of your pet, allowing us to offer individually tailored advice regarding your pet’s ongoing rehabilitation; this may include advice on therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy in addition to appropriate levels of activity.

We Value Your Opinion

We are always striving to improve our service and are extremely appreciative of all comments and suggestions received. If at any time you wish to provide feedback please do so via the feedback form, or alternatively, you may contact us directly.